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Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27 - 1 Chronicles 26-29; Psalm 127: David Passes the Crown to Solomon

Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 26-29; Psalm 127

The Message

English Standard Version

1 Chronicles (book 12) ends today. As often in 1 Chronicles, skip chapters 26 and 27 if you are short on time. They list the Tabernacle's security guards, accountants, tribal administrators, and supply officers.

Thought to Guide Your Reading

Compare Solomon's coronation to David's first coronation.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

David, unable to build God's Temple because he was a violent man, made Israel's leaders promise to help Solomon build it. He gave Solomon the plans.
David later repeated to all Israel his wishes for Solomon to build a place to meet God. The Israelites gave jewels and precious metals to build the temple. Everyone blessed God. The next day they offered thousands of animals as offerings. Then they ceremonially made Solomon king. Israel unanimously promised loyalty to Solomon. God blessed Solomon greater than his predecessors.
David's reign lasted forty years. He died peacefully as an old man.

Psalm (P)Synopsis

Psalm 127

Solomon warns that unless God is the builder of a house or city, there can be no adequate protection. Children are the best gift from God.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

David never officially sealed the census numbers.

After being punished for taking a census, David abandoned his plan and never followed through. David learns from God—when God doesn't want you to do something, stop.

David is building consensus of support for Solomon to build the Temple.

The Temple will be a large project that will take decades to complete. David realizes Solomon is too young and inexperienced to lead the people through this tough task. So he makes them promise to help Solomon complete this large endeavor. Leaders, help build consensus among the group for your successors to lead in peace.

David publically hands the baton to Solomon.

To help Israel know Solomon is God's and David's choice for the next king, David charges Solomon with his task in front of all the people. Now no one could claim Solomon was the illegitimate king of Israel. Leaders, transfer power publically to help smoothen transitions.

The Temple was a place for community-building—with people and with God.

The Temple was meant for the nation of Israel to meet and sacrifice to God. It was meant to unify the people around one common objective—worshiping God. In an added benefit, this would also become the place for God to be with His People. This dual function is essential to the legitimacy of the building. Without community-building it becomes a shrine that the people fight over. Without community-building with God it is a ritual place that had no real purpose.
Churches today should also serve both functions—places to meet God and other people. Churches should not be a place only for social gatherings where we sing old songs like dead people and offer up prayers to the ceiling. However, churches should not become so sacred that any notion of community-building brings on accusations of lowering the sanctity of the building. We need to do both.
However, churches are not God's Temple today. Our bodies are (we'll read that in the New Testament). So our bodies should also take on that dual function as well. Treat your body as a place to meet God and meet others.

God wants our true selves.

As David praises God for the Israelites' willingness to give so that the Temple could be made, he includes this great saying,
I know, dear God, that you care nothing for the surface - you want us, our true selves - and so I have given from the heart, honestly and happily. And now see all these people doing the same, giving freely, willingly - what a joy! (29:17, The Message)
When God's people give willingly and freely, God can set things right.

All of Israel swore allegiance to Solomon.

Compare Solomon's coronation to Saul's coronation and David's coronation. It's no coincidence that Solomon was blessed by God more than Saul or David. He had Israel's complete loyalty before taking office. When God's Chosen People follow God's Chosen Leaders, God blesses both greatly.

Do the leaders of your group have your complete loyalty?

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