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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10 - 1 Samuel 9-12: Saul is Anointed King, Spares His Detractors

Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 9-12

The Message

English Standard Version

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Thought to Guide Your Reading

Saul begins his reign by not executing his detractors.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

Saul, Kish's extremely-tall son, came to Samuel's town searching for his lost donkeys. Samuel gave Saul important news—Saul would be king. Saul completed several tasks given by Samuel and prophesied. Saul became king. A small group would not recognize Saul's legitimacy.
Nahash tormented Israel. The townspeople of Gilgal sent a message asking for help. King Saul led the Israelite army to victory. Saul praised God for the victory.
Samuel reminded Israel what God had done for their ancestors and how they rejected His leadership. God warned that no king could protect them if they returned to sin.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

God chose Saul as king.

Later God will tell Samuel not to look at the physical features of a person. But now God has chosen someone who stands out in a crowd. This means there was something in Saul's heart that God saw and wanted to bring out. We must not jump to a hasty conclusion that Saul was only chosen because of his looks. God chose Saul, not Israel.

Saul would not hurt his detractors.

In a promising moment for the young king Saul, he is presented with the opportunity to unify the nation in his favor by removing negative voices. Instead, he allows the ones who mocked him to live, giving glory to God. God's Chosen People need not fight against those who question their worthiness.

God reminds Israel—no king can save you when you take control over me.

Why does God continue to tell the people they have rejected Him when they want a king? Because Israel no longer believes God can save them. So they want a king to unify the people's army and attack their enemies. What they do not understand is that by doing this they have usurped the only thing that could save them—God's protection. Now their protection is no longer in the God who is setting all things right. Their protection is in the might of a king who will save them. Put your hope and trust for physical and spiritual salvation in the God who sets all things right, not in a central government. Instead of turning to God in their losses they will now blame their king. This cuts off God's ability to correct them by calling them back to Him.

Would you give glory to God when you could instead silence your worst critics?

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