God is Setting All Things Right. So I am Blogging Through the Bible in a Year.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28 - Psalms 81, 88, 92 and 93: Sing Out to God, Even in Times of Woe

Today’s Reading: Psalms 81, 88, 92 and 93

The Message

English Standard Version

Thought to Guide Your Reading

Today is another whirlwind of emotions, from great praise to a caution against going alone, from a feeling of abandonment to a song of praise for redemption, and ending with trust through hard times.

Psalm (P)Synopsis

Psalm 81

Asaph calls the people to observe a day dedicated to God. God has helped them through terrible times, but they would not listen to Him. So God allowed them to go their own way. If they return He will save them.

Psalm 88

Heman prays before God to save him. There is no one that can save him and he wonders if God will help. The only thing on his side is darkness.

Psalm 92

How wonderful is our God! He has made things right when our enemies came out to defeat us. God made us strong because we were good. God is our mountain of safety!

Psalm 93

God is a mighty king, stronger than any storm on the sea. Beauty and holiness are where God reigns forever.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

If we do not listen to God, He will turn us loose.

This is a sad statement from God,
But my people didn’t listen,
   Israel paid no attention;
So I let go of the reins and told them, "Run!
   Do it your own way!" (81:11-12, The Message)
God will allow us to ru(i)n our own lives if we do not listen to Him.

If we obey God, He will defeat our enemies for us.

In the same psalm God calls His Chosen People back,
Oh, dear people, will you listen to me now?
   Israel, will you follow my map?
I’ll make short work of your enemies,
   give your foes the back of my hand. (81:13-14; The Message)
Follow God's way of life and He will defeat your enemies for you!

Heman's prayer is similar to Job's cries.

Heman does not understand why God has abandoned him. He cries out but is afraid that his cries will become empty sound in an empty sky. However, he will spend the entire night praying to God if needs be. He will call out to God until he can no longer speak. As for now, though, darkness is his only comfort. Cry out to God in expectation of salvation—even when you are not sure He will hear!

It is a beautiful thing to praise God!

I don't want to skip over this section. We can become so wrapped up in good vs. evil that we forget to praise God for what He has done! Sing praises to God! Announce your love for God every day with music and song!

God's land is beauty and holy.

God is greater than any storm. God is greater than any sea. God's land is beauty and holy forevermore. Praise God for being stronger than anything that could defeat us!

Is darkness your only friend? Cry out to God!

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