God is Setting All Things Right. So I am Blogging Through the Bible in a Year.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18 - Psalms 26, 40, 58, 61-62, 64: David Rejoices at Justice in God's House

Today’s Reading: Psalms 26, 40, 58, 61-62, 64

The Message

English Standard Version

Today we finish 100 psalms! This means there are only 50 left. Enjoy!

Thought to Guide Your Reading

David wants to stay far from evildoers—for good reason.

Psalm (P)Synopsis

Psalm 26

David wants God to clear his name. He has tried to keep it as clean as possible and now asks that God not sweep him out with the trash.

Psalm 40

God at last has helped David out of his terrible problem. Blessed are those who keep themselves out of the world's entrapping and bring to God what He is after. David has helped his congregation understand God's Word and now asks that God help protect him. Blessed are those who hunt for God.

Psalm 58

David complains that government officials are corrupt. He calls God to punish them with reckless abandon. The righteous will rejoice because God's way is right.

Psalm 61

David calls for God to listen to him. God has listened in the past and so David asks that his throne be set in God's light.

Psalm 62

God is David's guide. David chastises bullies for going against God. God is David's guide. Humans are very small, almost nothing except when God strengthens them.

Psalm 64

David calls out to God in a time of distress—help! Conspirators are all around him waiting to seize him. God shoots—direct hit! Everyone knows and praises God for helping take down evil.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

Even those who live in God's house can be swept out.

David writes,
   God, I love living with you;
   your house glows with your glory.
When it’s time for spring cleaning,
   don’t sweep me out with the quacks and crooks,
Men with bags of dirty tricks,
   women with purses stuffed with bribe-money. (26:8-10, The Message)
It is a sobering thought—especially for people who grew up in "Christian" homes. God will throw out evil ones, even if they live in his own house.

God does not want us to be "religious" or "pious."

God does not desire that His Chosen People bring things to Him or perform "religious" acts. He does not want us to be quiet, nonintrusive, goody-two-shoes. Staying away from novels, music, etc. does not make us wholly for God or set things right. Don't expect your religiosity or piety to impress God.

The righteous rejoice when the wicked are punished.

I remember a few years ago when Osama bin Laden was captured. I wrote a few thoughts as a response to people complaining that Christians should not rejoice when someone is punished for their crimes, that we are all enemies of God at some point or another. However, David's words directly contradict that sentiment:
The righteous will call up their friends
   when they see the wicked get their reward,
Serve up their blood in goblets
   as they toast one another,
Everyone cheering, “It’s worth it to play by the rules!
   God’s handing out trophies and tending the earth!” (58:10-11, The Message)
God's People, no matter how bad we once were, are not the same as unrepentant murderers. We should not rejoice because "we got him!" We should cry out in joy when wrongdoers are punished because it shows how God's way is right!

Let's make praise our habit!

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