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Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24 - Jeremiah 51-52: Hurricane Persia Exacts Revenge for God's Chosen People

Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 51-52

The Message

English Standard Version

Congratulations! You have reached the end of Jeremiah—book 28. The final chapter in Jeremiah repeats the story of Judah going into exile, told twice already; therefore, the summary and comments will only be about chapter 51.

Thought to Guide Your Reading

Israel has not been left in the dark forever. God would return them to their homeland.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

God's message against Babylon continues:
"Hurricane Persia will wipe Babylon out. Nothing will be spared.
"God is committed to His Chosen People though they sin. Get out of Babylon while you can!"
Israel and Judah praise God, "God has set everything right! Let's go home and tell everyone what happened!"
Our God is the creator. Stick-gods are nothing but foolishness.
"Nebuchadnezzar brutalized Judah. Now I will get Judah's revenge—Babylon's finished. Israel, remember God and Jerusalem in your exile."
Jeremiah had Seraiah read the letter in public and sink the manuscript into the river as a sign of Babylon's downfall.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

Judah and Israel were not abandoned.

God punished the godless nations to show them how useless their gods were. Their gods could not protect them. They would be destroyed completely along with their gods—nothing would remain. Israel and Judah, however, were not abandoned by their god. He would seek them out and return them to their home. God will never abandon His chosen People.

God provides Israel's revenge.

Nebuchadnezzar's army committed terrible atrocities. Israel and Judah wanted revenge and God would provide it. God will bring revenge for His Chosen People in a just way.

Israel and Judah should tell the nations what God accomplished for them.

Most likely this was written before the events occurred; therefore, the section of Israel and Judah praising God and telling the nations is what God wanted them to do upon reentering their land. God wanted them to be lighthouses to the nations and this is how God wanted them to complete the task. When we praise God and tell of what He has done for us, we become God's lighthouses for the nations.

Are you God's lighthouse to the nations?

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