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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 2 - Habakkuk: Pagans Correcting God's Chosen People's Wrongs

Today’s Reading: Habakkuk

The Message

English Standard Version

Habakkuk brings us to 27 books.

Thought to Guide Your Reading

Your foundation ultimately determines your fate.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

God showed Habakkuk the problem:
"Look at these 'pagan' nations. They will punish you."
"God, you brought Babylonians to punish us? They will kill us like fish in a net!"
"Set your relationship right with Me and you will live a full life. Earn your living through wrong and you will eventually pay for it.
"What good is a silent idol? Behold, God-worship requires your silence."
Habakkuk's psalm:
"God is at work crushing evil nations to save His Chosen People, beating wicked kings, and scattering their armies. Even though our salvation is not here yet, I praise God."

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

Judah cannot believe God would use "pagan" nations to punish His Chosen People.

As we saw earlier, Judah wanted the benefits of being God's Chosen People—the Temple, land, fruit, etc.—but did not want the responsibility of being God's Chosen People—setting things right. So God would use "uncivilized" nations to punish Judah. In reality, neither nation wants to set things right. They are equally uncivilized. God can use anyone willing to do His Will—even if they are not His Chosen People.

Riches gained through evil will not last.

God richly blesses those who set things right. Those who do not and get rich off the backs of others will eventually be punished by those they trample on. Cities and companies built on murder do not last. People who exploit their neighbors for their own personal gain will eventually be shamed. Earn honest livings by setting things right. Then you will be established forever.

God-worship embraces silence.

God contrasts worship of idols to worship of Him. Idol worship consists of people crying out in loud voices and performing rituals to an idol which can never make a sound. Worship of God consists of His People being quiet before Him, listening for Him to speak. Maybe we should spend more time in silence before God instead of thinking our loud rituals of singing bring God to us. Worship the God who answers you when you pray.

Are you silent before God?

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