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Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4 - Nahum: No One Gets Past God's Judgment

Today’s Reading: Nahum

The Message

English Standard Version

Nahum brings us to 23 books read.

Thought to Guide Your Reading

God doesn't mess around with Nineveh. They will listen or be destroyed.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

God's message to Nineveh through Nahum:
God is serious—don't mess with Him. His enemies will not get away with their mistakes. Don't try to get past Him, it won't work.
Nineveh, you den of lies, you may be riding high but soon your enemies will dance on your grave.
Get ready—Israel's back! No one can overcome them. Israel will pull the plug on Nineveh.
"I am your Enemy," God bellows. "The whole world will see just how filthy you really are."
Remember how the great powers of the past were destroyed? Your punishment will be just like that.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

God must return to Nineveh with a message of doom.

You may remember the first time God sent a messenger to Nineveh. That time they repented quickly and were saved. This time, however, we do not know what happened. Let's hope it was the same result.

Sooner or later, everyone pays for what they do.

Unfortunately for Nineveh, God does not allow nations to get by with lying and worshiping other gods forever. They must change or be destroyed. Now it is Nineveh's turn to feel God's wrath. God's punishment may seem slow, but it will eventually come to anyone who does not set things right. Don't even try to slip one mistake past Him.

There is only rest in God.

God's message through Nahum is clear—there may be tropical paradises but there is only rest through Him. What a rest we have in Him, though. He will not leave anyone behind, out, or forget to bless them. Seek God, He will give you rest.

Are you trying to get away with your mistakes? Go to God! He will give you rest.

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