God is Setting All Things Right. So I am Blogging Through the Bible in a Year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2 - Genesis 4-7: Sin Overtakes the World

Today’s Reading: Genesis 4-7

The Message

English Standard Version

Hint: When you reach the genealogy section, don’t pronounce the names in your head. That way you will read the important parts without feeling overwhelmed by the Hebrew names.

Thought to Guide Your Reading

See how each generation cares less and less for setting things right.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

Adam and Eve give birth to two sons: Cain and Able. Both sacrifice to God. Cain’s was not approved, which angered him greatly. God warned him this anger would overtake him. Cain instead killed Able. As punishment, God required Cain to spend his days cursed from the earth. Adam and Eve had another son Seth who became like his father.
Year after year, each generation grew further and further away from God. Eventually they thought only of evil. So God chose the one man whose family followed Him and saved them from a flood which wiped out the entire world.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

God’s warning to Cain was to keep things right between Cain and his brother.

Even God’s warning to Cain was not focused on his actions. God did not tell Cain, “Don’t kill Able. That would be wrong." His answer is a warning—your anger will make sin (taking control from God) overcome you. Cain’s sin did not start at the murder. It started when he allowed his anger to control him.

Cain was protected by God even after murdering Able.

What is strange is that God protected Cain with a mark instead of leaving him out on his own. God did not want to punish Cain with death. Why would God do such a thing? Because God’s intentions are to make all things right, not exact punishment on all. God could make things right through sparing Cain.

Seth called on the name of the Lord.

This was much more than saying the word “Lord." If sin is taking control from God, calling on the name of the Lord means giving control to God. True conversion means giving control of all things to God.

God chose Noah because he was “a good man, a man of integrity in his community" (6:9, The Message).

I find this definition interesting. Not only was Noah understood to be good by God but a good man by his community also. What a great statement for anyone, especially someone who calls on the name of the Lord. We as followers of the Creator of the universe should naturally be people of integrity among our community.

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