God is Setting All Things Right. So I am Blogging Through the Bible in a Year.

Friday, December 27, 2013

December 27 - 2 John; 3 John: Loving and Inviting Christians into Your Home

Today’s Reading: 2 John; 3 John

The Message

English Standard Version

You have been reading the Bible now for 360 days. Only five to go! What a journey through Scripture!

Thought to Guide Your Reading

John wants both groups (or tells the same group twice) to be careful of people who do not love their neighbor as themselves.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

2 John

The Elder to my dear congregation: Everyone in the Truth loves you.
May grace, mercy, and peace come through truth and love from the Father and Son!
I am thrilled that you live the Truth. Conduct your lives in love. You know this already because it never changes.
There are many who deny Jesus was human. They are the Antichrist! Don't be influenced by them. If you stop believing in Jesus you stop believing in God. Don't let them in!
Let's speak face-to-face soon. Everyone here greets you.

3 John

The Elder to Gaius:
I love you, friend! I pray for your fortune, health, and soul. News of my children's faithfulness always brightens my day.
Hospitality shows your faith—a good work worthy of God. By helping passing Christians when unbelievers wouldn't you joined in their work.
Diotrephes questions my advice. He will answer for spreading rumors and throwing out travelling Christians. Don't join this evil! They know nothing about God.
Good for Demetrius, he excels in the Truth.
I'll have more to say in person.
Peace and greetings from us to you.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

We obey God by loving others.

Just as John wrote, there isn't much new in this book. There isn't much new for me to comment on, either. We know loving is how we obey God from several sections already. It is the basic command that never changes.

To deny Jesus as human and divine is to walk away from God.

Yesterday we read how the Antichrist is someone who denies Jesus was divine. Today John adds that a person who denies Jesus was human is anti-Christ. We cannot choose what we want from God. We must have all of Him or none of Him.

Don't invite people who deny Jesus' humanity or deity to teach—no matter how interesting they may be.

The reason is simple—we do not want their influence on our lives. That doesn't mean we stay away from them completely, though. We simply do not give them a place of influence. That is very different than having conversations as equals.

Hospitality is very important to God.

John has nothing but good things to say about Gaius' hospitality. It is worthy of God's Work. God's Chosen Messengers deserve to be taken care of by His Chosen People. The world will not do it, so it is our job to do it. Diotrephes had a lot to answer for because he showed no hospitality to God's Messengers. Show hospitality for God's Chosen People travelling through. They deserve any support we can give them.
I have stayed in many Christians' homes, sometimes for extended stays. Their willingness to share part of their lives with me can never be taken away from them and I will always stay grateful of their sacrifice. May it continue!

Have you any stories of great hospitality shown to you?

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