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Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19 - Titus: Paul Pushes Titus to Instruct in Life-Giving Practices

Today’s Reading: Titus

The Message

English Standard Version

Thought to Guide Your Reading

Paul wants Titus to lead the congregation into a group that sets things right, not one that argues over religion.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

Paul to Titus:
I point the way to God's Life.
Appoint worthy leaders in Crete, not rebellious people who add unnecessary rules but break God's Rules.
Show people a disciplined life—young and old, men and women—so enemies become friends.
Slaves, show God through your character.
God shows everyone how to live a godly life, getting us ready for Jesus' Return.
Be firm on directing everyone's thoughts to essential doctrines, not the fine print. Cut off dividers.
Help everyone learn to work well so they will have enough for themselves and the needy.
Greetings and grace to everyone there.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

Titus, like Timothy, had to deal with people teaching religion instead of God's

Paul's insistence that he taught God's Life at the beginning of the letter is not by accident. He compares it to those who add rules upon rules, increasing sin. Paul wants Titus to model, teach, and force the churches in Crete to observe God's Life. He even wanted Titus to cut off people who would not stop nitpicking doctrine. He has very many things to call them and none of them are good. Stay away from people who want to argue over religion!

"Solid doctrine" is not about worshiping right.

All of the things listed are character traits, not actions. Sound doctrine is about lives that set things right, not doing the religion right.

Older women should mentor younger women to be good wives. Older men should mentor younger men to be better men.

Paul wanted the older women to mentor younger women in how to love their husbands and be good wives. Older men should help younger men develop discipline. We have often split ministries and classes into age groups. I believe that split—provided there is not a separate time dedicated for mentoring—hinders older and younger men from gaining an equal respect for each other and helping each other set things right. Although class time is not sufficient on its own to mentor, it does send a message that we should stay with only people our age who are going through similar issues. It also cuts off access for younger and older people to mingle and get to know each other more. Mentor younger people one-on-one to live godly lives. Many of our teenage dropout rates could improve if we simply took the time to give them sufficient time to develop godly practices. Paul mentions one extra side-effect—our enemies will get to know us and see we're not as bad as they thought.

God's "readiness to give and forgive" provides the foundation for our courage.

Who could argue with a god who loved His Creation so much that He would call us when we were unwanted and mentor us into living His Life so that we could easily transition into His Kingdom? This god sacrificed Himself to set our relationships right. That god gives us courage! That god provides us with enough assurance to withstand uncomfortable situations and help others set their relationships right.

What mentoring have you seen/experienced?

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