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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24 - Esther 6-10: Esther and Mordecai Set Things Right for Exiled Israel

Today’s Reading: Esther 6-10

The Message

English Standard Version

Esther brings us to 35 books! Only 4 left.

Thought to Guide Your Reading

It's not often one gets to read a story where a man's evil scheme blow up in his face like Haman's. Enjoy.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

King Xerxes wanted to honor a great man. Thinking he was the one being honored, Haman gave grand suggestions. "Go and do it for Mordecai," the king ordered.
At the banquet, Esther asked Xerxes to protect her people from Haman's genocide. Enraged, the king hung Haman from the gallows Haman built for Mordecai.
King Xerxes authorized the Jews to attack their enemies, who were quickly defeated. Israel did not seize their possession, though.
This began the yearly feast of Purim where the Jews would eat and give gifts to each other and the poor.
Mordecai was given Haman's governmental position.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

Mordecai was eventually rewarded for his good deed.

Mordecai foiled a plot to assassinate the king but was never rewarded for it until the right time—when Haman was about to ask for his execution. It may take a long time, but good deeds will eventually be rewarded. The question is, can you hold out until it happens?

Haman was hung by his own gallows.

In an example of David's psalms, Haman is hung by his own noose. Later, his supporters were killed on the day they were going to commit genocide. Evil people will fall by their own plans.

Things were set right in the end.

Whether you agree with how these events transpired or not, what the text makes clear is that God's Chosen People were protected from their enemies and many people respected them. When God's Chosen People are honest and set things right with others, they are protected. In this we see God's Plan at work, even though we do not see God by name taking part in the action.

How have you seen evil people thwarted by their own schemes?

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