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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1 - Luke 1; John 1:1-14: God Sends a Messenger to Prepare His Chosen People for the Light

Today’s Reading: Luke 1; John 1:1-14

The Message

English Standard Version

We made it to the New Testament!
The Gospels chronicle the same time period, so we will read all four books concurrently. We will not read them in strict chronological order but by story content (for example, Jesus' teachings on the Sabbath will push Matthew 12:1-21 out of order but will keep it with other passages on the Sabbath). If this sounds confusing, use the links above to read each day's section in your browser.
Blessings on your reading!

Thought to Guide Your Reading

Zechariah doubted God's angel but praised God when John was born.

Summary in 100 Words or Less

The Word was God. The Word created everything.
Luke used first-hand reports to legitimize the teachings.
Zechariah and Elizabeth were barren. An angel said they would have a son named John—a revivalist preparing Israel for God. Skeptical, Zechariah was struck mute.
Gabriel told Mary, David's descendant, that she, a virgin, would carry the Son of God, the eternal ruler of Jacob's house.
Mary, Elizabeth, and Zechariah praised God for their good fortune.
John showed everyone how to find the Light. The Light moved into the neighborhood but His neighbors rejected Him because He was too much like the Father.

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

God moved into the neighborhood.

God was in the Garden at the beginning. When God came to Israel in the wilderness they asked that He use Moses as an intermediary. God not only came back to Earth, He came in human form and lived among His Chosen People. God wanted to set His relationship with Israel right, so He came to live with them. He also came to make us what we should be—"God-begotten" (John 1:13, The Message). This means Jesus came to help us understand we are much greater than the son or daughter of humans. By submitting to Him we become our true selves—children of God. God came to Earth in human form to set our relationship right and make us what we should be—Children of God.

John's purpose was to show the way to Jesus—the Light made flesh.

John was the fulfillment of what we read yesterday. He came with two purposes: call Israel to God and show them where to find Jesus. He would turn many people back to God and prepare them to meet Jesus. God provides His Chosen People messengers to show the way to Him.

Luke's purpose in writing his Gospel was to confirm what was taught.

Luke, a doctor, wanted to give assurance to the new Christians who believed in Jesus as the Word made flesh but were unsure if what was being said about Him was true. Luke wrote to dispel doubt and clear up the matter for everyone by using what would be considered court-approved evidence—word of mouth.

Mary, Elizabeth, and Zechariah understood how awesome God was to them.

I love Elizabeth's welcome of Mary, Mary's praise for carrying the Son of God, and Zechariah's praise when John was born. They all knew God had been good to them and His Chosen People and praised Him for it. Praise God because He is awesome!

Do you know how awesome God is to you?

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