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Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14 - 2 Chronicles 6-7; Psalm 136: The Hesed of the Lord Never Quits!

Today’s Reading: 2 Chronicles 6-7; Psalm 136

The Message

English Standard Version

Today's reading from 2 Chronicles mirrors almost exactly the reading from yesterday. Because of that I will summarize and comment only on what was added at the end of chapter seven.

Thought to Guide Your Reading

The Hesed of God never fails!

Summary in 100 Words or Less

After Solomon dedicated the Temple to the Honor of God, God appeared to Solomon and accepted his prayer. He promised to stop any plague in Israel if they would only return to Him and pray. God's name would be stamped on the Temple forever; however, that would not prevent God from destroying His own Temple stone by stone if they would not listen to Him. This also applied to David's promise—if Solomon's sons obeyed God they would stay on the throne. Disobedience meant destruction. God would use them as an example to the nations, this time as a warning.

Psalm (P)Synopsis

Psalm 136

This call-and-answer psalm praises God, the real god in a sea of fake gods, who created everything and took care of His Chosen People. The psalmist ends by reminding the responders how God took care of Israel when they were down and in need. The response after each line is exactly the same each time: "His Hesed (lovingkindness) never quits!"

How Today’s Reading Contributes to the Gospel: God is Setting All Things Right

God would not spare his own Temple built by the chosen king in the chosen land He gave to His Chosen People.

Reminiscent to Moses' words to Israel prior to entering Canaan, God presents both sides of the coin to being His Chosen People. There are great and wondrous promises—land, peace, prosperity, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. They would become an example to the nations, a testament to their god's Awesome Blessings. There are also equally great and wondrous punishments—persecution, captivity, destruction, and ruin. They would become an example to the nations, a testament to their god's Awesome Judgment. Even the Temple that Solomon built would not stand if they did not obey God. Warning: Those who take up with God will be greatly blessed. Those who later take up with other gods will be equally punished. Remember this the next time you consider choosing to be God's Chosen Person on this earth and warn others before becoming a Chosen Person on this earth. It is for anyone; but it is not for everyone.

God's Hesed Endures Forever!

This word has many translations. In the New American Standard Bible it has 19 different renderings! Unfortunately, the richness of this word is completely lost and often flattened to the highly-overused word "love." We could be grateful, since we would not like to read or repeat "For His devout, faithful, good, kind, loyal, merciful, righteous, and unchanging love endures forever." Yet that is what is being presented here. God's [insert wonderful, amazing and long list of exclamations of greatness] never quits! That is also something to weigh before becoming a Chosen Person of God.

Have you decided to become a Chosen Person of God?

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